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The VAL-ED instrument is easy for your school to adopt. Completing the VAL-ED, a 72-item inventory of behaviors, requires just 20-25 minutes per respondent. This can be done very easily at a faculty meeting. Or, the assessments can be handed out to teachers and completed on their own time; all that is needed is a faculty representative willing to pick up the assessments, put them in an envelope, and send them off! Because the teacher surveys are completely anonymous (no names required), there is no need to worry about loss of confidentiality. Additionally, schools or individual teachers can opt to take the VAL-ED online. This service will remind respondents with customized emails and allows them to complete the assessment on their own time in the privacy of their home or classroom. Respondents will be able to save their progress and log out at any time.

Instructions for Completing Survey Items | Download DOC

Sample Set of Items | Download PDF

VAL-ED Users' Guide | Download PDF

VAL-ED in Short Form | Download PDF

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